Carlos E. Solórzano Cuadra is the President and founder of Multi Vision Latina, (MVL) a leading international multi services, corporate matching, public relations and consulting agency, established in the US in 2007. Although new as Multi Vision Latina, (MVL), his principal and affiliates have over fifty years experience serving small businesses, corporations, and working with affiliates agencies in the US, and Latin America. He has worked in the field of public relations and marketing for over thirty years.

Carlos has an extensive background in marketing, communications, media research, and public relations. Through his commitment and experience, he has been able to represent the Latino community and his clientele at various levels of success within the private sector and government.

In his work he has commercial and affiliates agreements within the US and Latin America, and provides multi services consulting in strategic multi cultural markets. He offers the simple premise that it is every client’s right to have direct counsel and service by the firm's principals. Carlos takes a hands-on approach to the creation and implementation of client programs that consistently produce great results.

His dedication to the Latino business community has taken him to be from one of the founders of the Solano and Napa County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, to executive director of the San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for several years, one of the founders of the prestigious Hispanic Business Recognition Award in partnership with the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Northern Region and more recently to be founder and former President of the Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce Northern California and the founder of the Latin American & Caribbean Business Chamber of Commerce and the LATCARBCC Education Foundation. This dedication and the ability to work-in with diverse segments of the business community, has been an invaluable tool to develop his business, serve the community and to be able to connect and bring in new clients.

He also works with the Girl Scouts of Northern California Council as the Hispanic Initiative Community Development Director council wide, he assist in the planning, development and implementation of Spanish language programs in partnership with the Green By Nature; and the Girls Go Tech programs. Through this work and his ability to connect with Latino parents and community, he is making an impact on young girls lives.

He is past director of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CAHCC), Northern Region, and was recently appointed as the International Trade Chair for the CAHCC. He is the recipient of several community and business awards; such as the Spirit of Solano, a recipient of the Hispanic Business Leader Recognition Award from Telemundo, and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Northern Region, 2009. He recently was recognized with the Monja Blanca Innovation Award from the Guatemalan Cultural Center.

Carlos grew up in New York where he lived for 27 years, and has been an advocate of the Latino community for over 30 years. After serving in the US Marine Corps, he came to California and has been involved with the diverse communities, he assisted in the idea of the formation (with former consul of El Salvador and others), of the Salvadoran American Chamber of Commerce (SACC), recognizing the need of having representation from the second stronger community in the Bay Area (El Salvador), and the third one (Nicaragua) to be able to work together, he provided pro bono public relations to the consulate as well as the other consulates for promotion of press releases and the TPS to the Bay Area communities.

He is assisting in reestablish the Guatemalan American Chamber of Commerce, the Guatemalan and Nicaraguan Cultural Center. He also served in the Puerto Rican council of San Jose and the Western Region.

He works very closely with the Latino community in promoting Hispanic businesses and with other organizations like CARECEN to help in the Latino community. Carlos great-grandmother was a politically refugee and resided in El Salvador were his grandmother was born, of Nicaraguan descent, his grandfather also a political refugee was born in Guatemala of Nicaraguan descent.

He believes in the mission of working together for a better Central American business and for promoting businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean, thus being the CEO of the Latin American & Caribbean Business Chamber of Commerce.

As a founder he was instrumental in having Central American representation at the Hispanic Business Recognition Awards with Telemundo. His ties with the Nicaraguan, the Salvadoran and the Guatemalan community extend to his clientele and his efforts to have a united front for all Centraland Latin American businessmen and community to be well represented.

He is married to Martha Vaughan, an artist and businesswoman and the President/CEO of the Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce Northern California, he has three children and three stepchildren.


Carlos Solórzano Cuadra